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Elton Porter Insurance Agency
Dealer Program

 Elton Porter Boat Insurance Agency Recreational Insurance Experts
Insurance Agency
"Recreational Insurance Experts"


  1. In order to guarantee prompt and accurate quotes, "Qualified Leads" should be called in with the CUSTOMER present or the "Information Needed for Quoting".

  2. If CUSTOMER chooses to purchase the coverage quoted, we will need the "Information Needed for Binding".

  3. Several payment options are available for premium payment and can be made by Visa, Mastercard or by check. If the CUSTOMER wishes to pay with a credit card, we will need the customer's credit card number and expiration date. If payment by check is desired, we will need a copy of the check faxed to Elton Porter Insurance.

  4. After the Agent receives all the appropriate customer information and premium payment, the DEALER will be faxed an Insurance Binder, ID Card and Insurance Application for the CUSTOMER'S signature.

  5. The CUSTOMER will then sign where indicated, and the DEALER will fax back to Elton Porter Insurance the indicated signature pages. NO COVERAGE IS BOUND UNTIL ALL SIGNATURE PAGES ARE RECEIVED AT THE AGENTS OFFICE.

  6. If the CUSTOMER does not wish to purchase insurance coverage from Elton Porter insurance, the DEALER will mail or fax a copy of the "Bill of Sale" and Lender Approval Form for proof of a "Qualified Lead".

  7. DEALER will receive on the 20th of each month a statement showing all of the "Qualified Leads" referred for the previous month. A check will accompany this statement representing the total number of leads received.

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Elton Porter Insurance Agency
Dealer Program

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